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‘STUFFED’ 2004 Trust Waikato National Contemporary Art Awards Joint Winner In Memoriam Private Frank Hughes In Memoriam Private J.J. Sweeney In Memoriam Private John Braithwaite In Memoriam Private John…

Feed the Kids

Feed the Kids

‘Feed the kids’ ‘Feed the kids’ is a Sculptural installation that consists of 83,000 white plastic spoons. Each spoon represents a child in New Zealand that goes to…

Imp of the Perverse II

Imp of the Perverse II

‘Imp of the Perverse II’


‘SMACK’ looks at child abuse in New Zealand. One child is killed every five weeks in NZ receiving the medias, and therefore the public’s attention, while many others live…

New Zealand Sculpture OnShore 2008

Imp Of the Perverse

‘Imp Of the Perverse’ New Zealand Sculpture OnShore 2008 Stainless Steel, biscuit tins wood We tremble with the violence of the conflict within us, of the definite with the…

2010 Anthony Harper Awards

Daddy’s Handy work

 ‘Daddy’s Handy work’ 2010 Anthony Harper Awards Finalist Judge/Selector Lara Strongman 800 boxes of matches

Nz Sculpture OnShore 2010 Strange Fruit

Strange Fruit

‘Strange Fruit’ Nz Sculpture OnShore 2010 Constructed of 3890 small metal tags, each with a pomegranate image on it. Strange fruit is created in response to New Zealand’s military involvement…

No.8 Wire Awards Field punishment No 1

Field punishment No 1

‘Field punishment No 1’ No.8 Wire Awards During World War One, New Zealand’s conscientious objector’s, were taken overseas to the front. Here attempts were made to break their spirits. This included…

No.8 Wire Awards New Zealand's Role of Shame

New Zealand’s Role of Shame

  ‘New Zealand’s Role of Shame’ No.8 Wire Awards 1320 Terracotta Kiwis representing the New Zealand children who died at the hands of their parents or caregivers between 1900…

Fieldays No. 8 Wire National Art Awards 2011


‘Unsolved’ Fieldays No. 8 Wire National Art Awards 2011 – Winner 41 years ago there was no bigger story in New Zealand than the killing of Jeanette and Harvey Crewe….