Category: Collaborations with Bernie Harfleet

Max and Bella and friends

‘Max and Bella and friends’ is a ‘in process/progress’ new art installation by Donna Turtle Sarten & Bernie Harfleet. This work looks at mental health with particular focus on depression and anxiety disorders in New Zealand.

coffee and a blanket exhibition

Coffee and a Blanket

Coffee & a Blanket ‘Coffee & a Blanket’ is an interactive community art installation by Bernie Harfleet & Donna Turtle Sarten, and part of WELLINGTON PARK(ING) DAY 9th…

Give a Kid a Blanket

Give a Kid a Blanket

‘Give a Kid a Blanket’ Give a Kid a Blanket is an Art Project, in response to the cold and damp housing issues. West Auckland artists Bernie Harfleet…

The Very Last Daisy Rothschild

Christchurch Stands Tall

‘The Very Last Daisy Rothschild’ Christchurch Stands Tall exhibition A collaboration with Bernie Harfleet.

Feed the Kids Too

Feed the Kids Too

Feed the Kids Too Collaboration with Bernie Harfleet Link: Facebook